General Idea is a brand design agency crafting aspiration

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We are a community of strategists, designers and technologists helping brands transform and innovate for the future

The Book of HOV

A tribute exhibition honoring JAY-Z at the Brooklyn Public Library


Reimagining brand behavior for close to a decade.


Business transformation through brand design.

Our core areas of expertise are —

1. Insights & Strategy
2. Branding & Identity
3. Go-to-Market & Communications
4. Motion Design & Emerging Technologies
5. Brand Design

Prada Linea Rossa

Branding the future of sport.


Launching hardware for a social media giant.


Introducing the orginal leather goods brand to Gen-Z.

Through a network of specialist partners we ideate and bring to market tangible experiences and stories that scale between the physical and virtual worlds.

Louis Vuitton

Weaving together luxury, pop culture and technology.


Defining the business and brand strategy for diversification.


Branding one of fashion’s most anticipated IPOs.

Discover our sister agencies —

Production, Casting, ETC.

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Technology Driven Aesthetics

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