The world’s most iconic car company tells its story in a new category

Ferrari is one of the world’s most powerful and valuable brands, a universal icon of passion and achievement. It is also a business with a singular focus on automotive excellence at a time when the future of cars is uncertain. As Ferrari seeks to build a multi-category future with a new, younger audience centered in China, it reached out to General Idea to develop a strategy for its move into luxury lifestyle; Ferrari Style.

Ferrari’s devotion to automotive excellence meant that its approach to marketing had always been to build a story from design innovation out. But Ferrari Style is aimed at a Gen Z and Millennial audience who are not automotive fanatics and are just beginning their journeys towards success. Through our understanding of this audience we built a new approach to marketing; a shift from a focus on product design to storytelling. To become a multi category luxury brand, Ferrari should evolve from a business focussed on innovation to one focussed on an emotionally compelling narrative.

General Idea developed a brand strategy that took the equity of the car brand and channeled it into a bigger emotional idea that could connect with a new generation of consumers who are still chasing their ambitions and building their dreams. We created a vision and story of what it means to live a Ferrari life: The Unstoppable. This vision will be brought to life through compelling narratives set in an aspirational Ferrari brand world. The world’s most iconic car company is transforming into a brand for the future.